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Man With A Van Rubbish Removal Prices

In This Blog:

– What is Rubbish Removal?

– How Much Are Man With Van Rubbish Removal Prices?

– Rubbish Removal Prices Summarised.

– Central Junk Rubbish Removal Price Guide (up to 1 full load) 2022.

What is Rubbish Removal?

’Rubbish removal’ or ‘Removing Rubbish’ can be defined as the  ‘recovering of resources’. Furthermore it is the process of people disposing of waste that has accumulated in their immediate residential or work environment for a variety of sanitary reasons. In theory a well planned and executed rubbish removal will create immediate benefits to the disposer in that it will contribute to limiting the amount of pollutants around us.

How much are man with van rubbish removal prices? 

Whether a residential or work environment we all have a need for disposing of waste in one form or another, but how much does it cost? What are rubbish removal prices when referring to a man and van waste removal?

There are a number of factors that contribute to this and we have delved into what these are.

Firstly Rubbish Removal Prices By Capacity

The capacity of a rubbish removal is generally measured using cubic yards (yd³), 1 yard being the equivalent of 3 feet or 36 inches, and 1 Cubic yard being the equivalent of 765 Litres. And if this means absolutely nothing to you, do not to worry you can envision a ‘cubic yard’ to be roughly the size of 1.5-2 washing machines.

Due to the shape of skips and rubbish removal vans this method helps to gage how much space a specific rubbish removal job will require giving a pretty accurate estimate on the overall rubbish removal price.

Then You Have Rubbish Removal Prices By Weight

The weight of a rubbish removal is usually measured using kilograms. Each removal in addition to an estimated capacity will have a allowance in kilo’s attached to it. For example, according to Central Junks price guide, 1 cubic yard will have a weight allowance associated with it of 100 kg. A rubbish removal of 2 cubic yards will have an allowance of 200 kg associated with it, and son and so forth.In a nutshell, your rubbish removal price will have 2 main factors taken into consideration. The total removals estimated capacity, its total estimated weight or both.


Lastly You Have Add ons to Rubbish Removal Prices

Now that we have explored the main contributing factors to the price of a man with a van rubbish removal, it is important to bare in mind a number of additional costs that may be incurred along the way. 

Such As:

  • Extra costs for time – In addition to an allowance for capacity and weight, it stands to reason that there should also be an allowance for time as well.

For example,

Say you book a standard Full van load with Central Junk…

… You will pay £330.00+VAT       

What do you get for this? 

-Up to 15 cubic yards of space
-Up to 1.5 tonnes (1500kg)
-Up to 90 minutes loading time

Now lets say…

… The rubbish is located on the 5th floor, with no lift access and the only available parking space is a 40 metres down the road.

In this situation will 90 minutes loading time be sufficient? …

Probably not. 

Hence you would incur costs for extra time.

The general rule of thumb across board for waste removal companies in London is extra time is charged at £1-£1.50 per min.

Other than extra time you may find clearance companies have extra costs for the following add ons:

  • Extra costs for call out fees – Generally you can find at least a few clearance companies like Central Junk with round the clock availability including weekends and bank holidays. Most of them will apply a standard call out fee which could vary depending on the time and day of the removal.
  • And also specialist recycling Items – Whilst most people are aware of recycling in one form or another, many of us do not know that there are some everyday items that can be found around the house or at work that require a specialist recycling service. These items are likely to affect the overall rubbish removal price as the clearance companies costs will also be affected by these items.

Some items that may incur additional costs are:

  • Mattresses
  • Fridge freezers
  • TV’s
  • Tyres
  • Paint

Rubbish Removal Prices Summarised

A long story short

Rubbish removal prices can vary from company to company but the structure will pretty much stay the same.

By using Central Junk you can expect to pay between:


For anything above and beyond one full load you can request a quote for bespoke orders to suit your specific needs.

Central Junk Rubbish Removal Price Guide (up to 1 full load) 

Central Junk Rubbish Removal Price Guide 2022
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