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Washing Machine Removal

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About Service

Central Junk’s washing machine removal and disposal service is at hand and ready to collect from inside or outside of your residence or place of business. Whether you are replacing an old or unwanted appliance or simply having a clear out of some junk look no further.

Use as a single item removal or as an additional item to a larger collection.

For Multiple items that can't be quantified try our rubbish removal by load size service.


- Single appliance Max Weight Allowance :

- Single appliance Max Volume Allowance: 1-2 cubic yard

- Single Max Loading Time Allowance: 15 min

*Allowances for multiple items will be assessed on the total jobs merit.

Additonal Information

- Central Junk offers nationwide UK coverage for removing appliances.
- Choose from a removal without disconnection or add a disconnection type above for appliances that are still hardwired or plumbed in.
- Choose your access options to help us ensure we know exactly what is required.

What We Can And Cant Take

Things we can take include: NON-HAZARDOUS WASTE such as cardboard, household waste, demolition waste, magazines and brochures, mixed metals, timber, wood products, mixed recyclables, etc

Things we can't take Include: HAZARDOUS WASTE such as asbestos, chemical waste, batteries, solvents, or anything ignitable, corrosive, reactive or toxic.
(if any non permitted waste is found within rubbish and waste collected it may be returned or extra charges may apply)

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Your Questions Answered

Washing Machine Removal FAQ's

How to disconnect a washing machine?

To disconnect a washing machine you can follow these steps:

1. Switch off the power by unplugging the washing machine.
2. Isolate (switch off) the water supply by turning off the valves.
3. Disconnect the hose that is for draining the water supply from the standpipe or utility sink. The hose may be connected to the wall with a clamp or with a plastic or metal fitting. If so, this can be loosened with a screwdriver or by pressing the release tab and pulling the drainage hose out of the fitting.
4. Now you will need to disconnect both hot and cold hoses from the back of the washing machine. Again, if they are connected with a clamp or with a plastic or metal fitting, loosen with a screwdriver or by pressing the release tab and pull the hose out of the fitting.
5. Your washing machine should now be ready to move to your specified location.

Safety Notice:

*** Even by following the above steps, disconnecting a washing machine can still be difficult. If you are not comfortable with doing so leave it to the professionals
*** Washing machines can be extremely heavy and with certainly need multiple people or specialist equipment to move once disconnected. Again, if you are not sure if this is possible leave it to the experts.

*** In some cases washing machines cannot be disconnected from the mains water supply due to no shut off valves being present. This will surely require specialist plumbing services.
Central Junk offers a full washing machine disconnection service in addition to removal if required. We also have expert plumbers at hand to assist with this process.

To find out more contact our team today or book now to start the process.