As one of London’s leading waste management companies, Central Junk Ltd is at the forefront of recycling and responsible waste disposal initiatives in the capital. We are fully licensed, insured and pride ourselves on our can-do attitude. 

Combining value for money with professionalism we strive to deliver an on-demand service that is next to none.

What happens to your rubbish?

When disposing of unwanted items or rubbish, many of us rarely consider what happens from that point onward. At Central Junk you can be rest assured that your waste is being managed in the most environmentally friendly way.

We are committed to maximizing the amount of materials collected be recycled and diverted from landfill. Soil and rubble materials are transferred for re-use, metals separated and recycled by metal merchants, whilst plasterboard, wood and card products are separated ready for processing and reuse by specialist companies.

At Central Junk we also offer specialist electrical and electronic, dispose of a mattress, removing fridge/freezer and tyre disposal or get rid of a microwave. This process can incur additional costs as certain materials are regulated due to their affect on the environment.

For further information on our services or how your waste is handled please contact us on 020 3742 2413 

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