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12 Yard Skip

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About 12 Yard Skip

Recommeded Use

- Perfect for SOME heavy waste from large industrial construction projects and some lighter rubbish such as waste wood, etc

Hire Information

- Delivery and collection at any London Postcode

- 14 Days Maximum Skip Hire Period

- Permits are required for public highways with 5 days advance notice for approval.

- Wait and Load service available for a maximum of 30mins at £1.50 per min.



Volume: 12 cubic yards

Size(metres): H (1.98) X L (3.96) X W (1.83)

Capacity: 110-120 bin bags

Max weight: 8 tonnes

What You Can And Cant Put In A Skip

Things you can include: NON-HAZARDOUS WASTE such as cardboard, household waste, demolition waste, magazines and brochures, mixed metals, timber, wood products, mixed recyclables

Things you may not include: HAZARDOUS WASTE such as asbestos, batteries, fridge/freezers, tyres, paint, mattresses, etc.

(if found in skip it may be returned or extra charges will apply)

Skip Hire Or Man And Van Rubbish Removal

Weight Allowance - Possibly the main difference and deciding factor, a 12 yard skip will generally take up to 8 tonnes of waste whilst a Large Man and van rubbish removal will allow less than a tonne of waste to be taken away.

Cost - When you are calculating the cost of hiring this size skip it is important to know if you will require a permit or not.If the answer is yes, you may be better off booking a Large Van Load as it could work out cheaper. If the answer is no, this may be the way to go.

Time Allowance - The main difference between a 12 yard skip and a Large van load is the time allowance. While you will generally be given a 2 week max time allowance for the skip, it is important to note that you will normally be allowed up to 1 hour loading time for a large man and van load.

Manual Loading - Lastly, hiring a 12 yard skip means you will have to do the loading yourself or have it arranged, booking a large man and van rubbish removal means the team arrives ready to do the loading for you.

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