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Bed Dismantling Service Information

About Our Dismantling Service

Add our professional bed dismantling service for those annoying beds that need to be taken apart or just to make getting rid of old or unwanted beds easier to manage.


- Full Junk Removal And Disposal, Waste Clearance Services provided Nationwide.

- For more information or bespoke requests Get In Touch or Request A Free Quote

- For Multiple bulky Item Collections you may want to consider our Rubbish Removal by Load size service if you are unable to quantify your items.


This service is required per bed item that needs to be taken apart or dismantled.

Generally a bed would take no longer than a maximum of 30 min to dismantle.

Additional time can be purchased as an add on.

For more bespoke requirements such as extra time or labour add ons can be selected.

Service specifications for multiple items will be assessed on the total jobs merit.

Do' And Dont's

Things we can take include: NON-HAZARDOUS WASTE such as cardboard, household waste, demolition waste, magazines and brochures, mixed metals, timber, wood products, mixed recyclables, etc

Things we can't take Include: HAZARDOUS WASTE such as asbestos, chemical waste, batteries, solvents, or anything ignitable, corrosive, reactive or toxic.

(if any non permitted waste is found within rubbish and waste collected it may be returned or extra charges may apply)

Your Questions Answered

Bed Dismantling Service FAQ's

How do you dismantle a bed frame, bed base or divan?

When dismantling a bed, frame, base or divan you can do so by following these steps:

1. Clear the area and remove any mattress and bedding.
2. Locate the screws or bolts holding the bed together.
3. Beginning with the headboard or footboard first, remove the screws or bolts.
4. Disassemble the side rails by removing the screws or bolts.
5. Remove slats or the platform if present.
6. Dismantle the remaining parts of the bed frame or base by undoing any remaining screws or bolts
7. If needed, prepare the bed for storage or transportation by packing all of the components together neatly.