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Furniture Dismantling Service Information

About Our Dismantling Service

Add our professional furniture dismantling service to compliment your removal and disposal of old or unwanted furniture items. We will take the hard work out of getting rid of bulky furniture waste both professionally and ethically.


- Full Junk Removal And Disposal, Waste Clearance Services provided Nationwide.

- For more information or bespoke requests Get In Touch or Request A Free Quote

- For Multiple bulky Item Collections you may want to consider our Rubbish Removal by Load size service if you are unable to quantify your items.


This service is required per furniture item that needs to be taken apart or dismantled.

Generally an item of furniture would take no longer than a maximum of 30 min to dismantle.

Additional time can be purchased as an add on.

For more bespoke requirements such as extra time or labour add ons can be selected.

Service specifications for multiple items will be assessed on the total jobs merit.

Do' And Dont's

Things we can take include: NON-HAZARDOUS WASTE such as cardboard, household waste, demolition waste, magazines and brochures, mixed metals, timber, wood products, mixed recyclables, etc

Things we can't take Include: HAZARDOUS WASTE such as asbestos, chemical waste, batteries, solvents, or anything ignitable, corrosive, reactive or toxic.

(if any non permitted waste is found within rubbish and waste collected it may be returned or extra charges may apply)

Your Questions Answered

Furniture Dismantling Service FAQ's

What is furniture dismantling service?

Furniture dismantling service involves the professional disassembly and removal of furniture items such as beds, sofas, cabinets, tables, and other large or complex pieces that require disassembly for transportation, storage, or disposal.

Why would I need furniture dismantling services?

Furniture dismantling services are beneficial in various situations, including moving to a new location, downsizing, renovating, disposing of old furniture, or reconfiguring furniture layouts. It allows for easier and safer transportation and efficient use of space.

Do I need to provide any tools or equipment for the dismantling process?

Not necessarily, our professional furniture dismantling services come equipped with the necessary tools and equipment required for the disassembly process. We can bring everything needed to safely and efficiently dismantle your furniture.